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With Sightseeing Guide Taxi, all areas you can freely decide your own departure and arrival locations. There are certified drivers in all areas.
Please make a reservation up until 1 week before directly with the following taxi companies or through the Association.

Reservation Stages


Reservations can be made over the phone, via FAX, or online. Please make a reservation at least 1 week before.


Booking Form for Individuals Booking Form for Travel Agencies



Sightseeing Guide Taxi Reservations


Hours: 8:30−17:15 (excluding weekends, public holidays, and company holidays)

The list of the taxi companies managed by Sightseeing Guide Taxi

Region Company name Location TEL
Hokushin Nagano Kanko Jidosha Nagano City 026-222-1234
Hokushin Nagano Taxi Co., Ltd. Nagano City 026-244-2222
Hokushin Tsubame Taxi Nagano City 026-233-1111
Hokushin Sakura Kanko Taxi Co., Ltd. Nagano City 026-244-1717
Hokushin Alpico Taxi Co., Ltd. Nagano office Nagano City 026-283-8800
Hokushin Nagaden Taxi Co., Ltd. Nagano City 026-241-3255
Hokushin Heiwa Kanko Nagano City 026-285-5555
Hokushin Matsushiro Taxi Nagano City 026-278-7000
Hokushin Koshoku Kanko Taxi Chikuma City 026-272-0036
Hokushin Hatakeyama Jidosha Shokai Chikuma City 026-275-0555
Hokushin Hokushin Taxi Suzaka City 026-245-5353
Hokushin Nagaden Taxi Co., Ltd. Suzaka office Suzaka City 026-245-0351
Hokushin Yamada Taxi Nakano City 0269-22-3161
Hokushin Nozawa Onsen Kotsu Travel and Taxi Nozawa Onsen Village 0269-85-3333
Hokushin Nagaden Bus Iiyama City 0269-63-3232
Hokushin Nagano Kotsu Iiyama City 0269-62-2013
Hokushin Morimiya Kotsu Sakae Village 0269-87-2736
Hokushin Nagano Private Taxi Business Cooperative Association   026-227-2261
Hokushin Nagano-city Daiichi Private Taxi Drivers Association   026-229-5570
Toshin Ueda Taxi Ueda City 0268-22-0055
Toshin Showa Taxi Ueda City 0268-22-0400
Toshin Ueda Kanko Jidosha Ueda City 0268-22-0200
Toshin Fujimori Taxi Ueda City 0268-35-0050
Toshin Shioda Kanko Taxi Ueda City 0268-38-3151
Toshin Sugadaira Kanko Taxi Ueda City 0268-22-8484
Toshin Matsuba Taxi Ueda City 0268-23-1161
Toshin Saku Komoro Kanko Company Komoro City 0267-22-2424
Toshin Matsuba Taxi Karuizawa Town 0267-42-2181
Toshin Masuya Kotsu Karuizawa Town 0267-45-5223
Toshin Karuizawa Kanko Karuizawa Town 0267-45-5408
Toshin Daiichi Kotsu Karuizawa Town 0267-42-2221
Toshin Kawakami Kanko Kawakami Village 0267-97-2231
Chushin Alpico Taxi Co., Ltd. Matsumoto office Matsumoto City 0263-87-0555
Chushin Daiichi Kotsu Matsumoto City 0263-27-3332
Chushin Metoba Taxi Matsumoto City 0263-46-1818
Chushin Sogo Daiichi Kotsu Matsumoto City 0263-26-0005
Chushin Azumi Kanko Taxi Co., Ltd. Azumino City 0263-82-3113
Chushin Alpico Taxi Co., Ltd. Omachi office Omachi City 0261-23-2323
Chushin Ontake Taxi Kiso Town 0264-22-2525
Chushin Nagiso Kanko Taxi Nagiso Town 0264-57-3133
Chushin Alpico Taxi Co., Ltd. Shiojiri office Shiojiri City 0263-52-1200
Chushin Mise Taxi Shiojiri City 0263-52-1280
Nanshin Daiichi Kotsu Suwa City 0266-52-5151
Nanshin Alpico Taxi Co., Ltd. Suwa branch office Chino City 0266-71-1181
Nanshin Suwakotsu Co., Ltd. Suwa City 0266-52-1190
Nanshin Shirakawa Taxi Ina City 0265-72-2151
Nanshin Asahi Kotsu Iida City 0265-22-0373
Nanshin Minami Shinshu Koiki Taxi Iida City 0265-28-2800
Nanshin Iida Taxi Iida City 0265-22-1111